About Us

  • Mission

    Clear Production Services is a full service video and digital media production company.  We specialize in promoting your corporate brand.


    • We are committed to integrity, honesty, and quality.
    • We believe in putting our clients and their interests first.
    • We are dedicated to providing the tools and talent to help our clients achieve their goals.
    • We are dedicated to providing the highest quality digital media at the most competitive price.


    • We achieve efficiency through proper project planning, which results in keeping your media project on budget and on time.
    • We strive for objectivity and a fresh point of view so our client’s purpose is always achieved.
    • We are available when needed, we go where you need us, and we keep the project on schedule.


    • Drone still and videography (FAA licensed and fully insured)
    • Still camera capture
    • Video capture
    • Complete video production
    • Cine gear rentals
    • Location sound recording
    • Teleprompter